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Artist's Conception of Medical Center East
The Medical Center East tower (atop the parking garage) looks much like this today, but without the trees on that building's building's terraces.

Architectural Rendering of Werthan Building
The new Werthan Building replaced the original entrance to Vanderbilt Hospital, and was completed in 1970.

Diagnostic and Treatment Wing - Vanderbilt University Hospital
Architectural rendering of what appears to be the South Wing of the Vanderbilt Hospital, which was already built in 1959. Two more floors were added in 1963 to house laboratory and office space for the Clinical Research Center.

Proposed Graduate Science Annex  to Medical School of Vanderbilt University
A print of an architectural drawing of the proposed basic science addition, which became the Learned Laboratory building, completed in 1961. As a consequence of that construction, the iconic entrance to the Medical School now exited to a courtyard,…
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