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All Vanderbilt medical school catalogues (dating from 1894-1895) are available online, together with an alumni catalogue for the combined University of Nashville/Vanderbilt medical departments for the years 1875-1894. These catalogues contain the names of students and descriptions of their courses of study. There is not yet a corresponding collection of catalogues or alumni list for the School of Nursing.

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Featured Items

Medical School Class Composite, 1932

Medical School Class Composite, 1932

Class composite showing 1932 faculty and graduates from Vanderbilt University's Medical School.

Vanderbilt Unit, World War I - Officers and Enlisted Men

Vanderbilt Unit, World War I - Officers and Enlisted Men

Group photograph of officers and enlisted men of Hospital Unit S, known as the Vanderbilt Unit, during World War I.

Medical School Class Composite, 1948

Medical School Class Composite, 1948

Composite photograph depicting the 1948 graduates and faculty of the Vanderbilt School of Medicine.