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Aerial View of Vanderbilt Medical Center, ca. 1965
This aerial photo was taken around 1965, after most of the major renovations of the 1960s had been completed, but before the Zerfoss Student Health Center had been built.

Learned Lab Construction, ca. 1960
A man walks into the medical school courtyard through the doorway of the uncompleted Learned building.

Medical Center Construction, ca. 1961
Construction probably related to the completion of the Learned building in 1961.

Learned Laboratory Building under Construction, 1960
The first two floors of the Learned Lab were completed in 1952, but it wasn't until 1961 that the building was finished.

Medical School Courtyard and Learned Lab, from inside the Archway
A doctor walks down the path from the Learned Lab towards the Medical School. Note the second figure on the Learned Lab steps, partially obscured by the trees.

Learned Laboratory, ca 1961
A view of the Learned Laboratory (and the Medical School and Hospital behind it) as seen from the main Vanderbilt campus.

Proposed Graduate Science Annex  to Medical School of Vanderbilt University
A print of an architectural drawing of the proposed basic science addition, which became the Learned Laboratory building, completed in 1961. As a consequence of that construction, the iconic entrance to the Medical School now exited to a courtyard,…
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