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Aerial view of Vanderbilt Medical Center Campus, ca. 1938
This aerial view of what is now the Medical Center campus shows the Vanderbilt Hospital and Medical School as it looked after the construction of the D-wing (top left) in 1938. Mary Kirkland Hall (now Godchaux Hall) is to the right of the picture.

MCN Interior, ca. 1979
Medical staff walk down a corridor of Medical Center North.

MCN Interior, ca. 1979
Hugh Fennel, of housekeeping, pushes a cart down the hall toward the A-2000 corridor of Medical Center North.

MCN Suite D-3200, ca. 1979
D-3200 in Medical Center North currently houses the administrative offices for the Department of Medicine, but at the time was the home for the pediatrics ward.

MCN Waiting Area, ca. 1979
Several people sit in chairs at the far end of a waiting area in Medical Center North.

Medical Center North Lounge, ca. 1979
A man smokes a cigarette while waiting in the lounge between B & C 3100 in Medical Center North.


Interior View of Medical Center North, 1979
A Scene 3 (production company) employee navigates an equipment cart down the halls of MCN.

MCN Hair Salon, ca. 1979
Women setting their hair at the hair salon in Medical Center North.
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