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New Hospital Topping Out, with Nashville Skyline

The Nashville skyline can be seen in the distance, in this picture taken from the new hospital structure during the Topping Out Ceremony. Browse related items

Construction of the Tunnel Underneath VUMC

An underground tunnel connects Medical Center North (MCN) to Light Hall and the new Vanderbilt Hospital. This undated photograph shows its construction in early stages leading from the Round Wing. Browse related items

Vanderbilt Hospital Construction, circa 1977

Nearly the entire construction site for the new hospital can be seen from this aerial view. Light Hal, Langford Auditorium, and the Round Wing can be seen in the background. Browse related items

VU Hospital Construction, December 1978

Construction cranes rise above the hospital building, and the underground construction is also visible in the foreground. Browse related items

VU Hospital Construction, December 1978

A crane rises above the shell of the new hospital building. Browse related items

VU Hospital Construction Sign, ca. 1978

Sign indicating the parties involved in the hospital construction. Note that the sign is for the "Vanderbilt University Hospital and Childrens Hospital." The Children's Hospital occupied space in this building until the Monroe Carell Children's… Browse related items

New Hospital Construction, ca. 1978

This image depicts what appears to be part of the foundation for the new hospital. Browse related items

Excavation for the Round Wing, ca. 1961

The foundation for the future Round Wing is under construction. Browse related items

21st Avenue Entrance to Vanderbilt Hospital, 1963

A crane is seen in the background, as part of the construction of the 1964 addition to Medical Center North. That addition has since been swallowed by MRB III, a biomedical sciences research building. Browse related items

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Medical Center Construction, ca. 1961

Construction probably related to the completion of the Learned building in 1961. Browse related items

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