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Mary Henderson Kirkland
Mrs. Kirkland's husband was chancellor of Vanderbilt University from 1893-1937, about the time this photograph was taken.


Alice Lamson with a Camera
Mrs. Lamson's husband, Paul, was chairman of the Department of Pharmacology at Vanderbilt. This photograph was taken at the Lamsons' home.


Katherine Anderson in the Laboratory
Katherine Anderson was a laboratory technician and doctoral student in bacteriology. She was awarded the PhD from Vanderbilt in 1940, and would later marry Ernest Goodpasture.

Harrison Rigdon, Mrs. Harrison Rigdon and Family
Dr. Harrison Rigdon joined the Department of Pathology in 1935.

Roy and Catherine Avery
Roy Avery was professor of biochemistry at Vanderbilt Medical School from 1931-1953.

Catherine Avery
Katherine Avery's husband, Roy, was a professor of bacteriology at Vanderbilt Medical School from 1931-1953. This photograph appears to have been taken in a Vanderbilt laboratory.

Frances and Tony Casparis
Horton Casparis, husband to Frances, was chairman of the Department of Pediatrics from 1928 until his sudden death in 1942.
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