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Mildred Stahlman, 1951
Dr. Stahlman poses for her faculty application photograph in October, 1951. Dr. Stahlman graduated from Vanderbilt Medical School in 1946.


VUMC 100th Anniversary Celebration
Dean John Chapman, Dr. William Meacham, Dr. Amos Christie, Dr. Mildred Stahlman, and Dr. Allan Bass share a panel celebrating Vanderbilt Medical Center's 100th Anniversary.

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Mildred Stahlman holding a baby in the NICU
This image was taken by artist Louise Lequire as a study for her portrait of Dr. Stahlman, which hangs at VUMC.

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Vanderbilt Cardiology Faculty and Fellows, 1985-1986
Photo of the Vanderbilt Cardiology Faculty and Fellows, 1985-1986

First Lieutenant Allan Bass
Allan Bass, chair the Department of Pharmacology from 1953-1973, and served in the US Army Medical Corps during World War II.

Allan Bass with a colleague in the laboratory
Dr. Bass looks over some test results in his laboratory.

Dr. Julius Axelrod, Dr. Allan Bass, and Dr. Fridolin Sulser
Vanderbilt professors Allan Bass and Fridolin Sulser meet with Julius Axelrod, co-winner of the Nobel Prize for Medicine or Physiology in 1970. Dr. Axelrod was not a faculty member at Vanderbilt, but was instead a researcher at the National…

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Dedication of Tennessee Neuropsychiatric Institute - March 19, 1971
From left to right, Dr. Daniel H. Efron; Dr. Allan D. Bass; Governor Winfield Dunn; Dr. Bertram S. Brown; Dr. Fridolin Sulser; Dr. Morris A. Lipton; Commissioner Frank H. Luton; Dr. Alexander Heard (Chancellor of Vanderbilt University)

Allan Bass, 1984
Dr. Allan Bass (1910-2005) served as chair of the Department of Pharmacology from 1953 to 1973.

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Joel Hardman, Allan Bass, and Lee Limbird
Members of the Department of Pharmacology pose for a photograph. Dr. Bass, Dr. Hardman, and Dr. Limbird all served as chairs of the department.

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