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A Dietetic Intern Examining Menus

Dietetic Intern Virginia Cunningham Dowd examines a menu at her desk Browse related items

Dietitic Interns Completing Paperwork

Dietetic interns working in an office--the woman on the left is perhaps Virginia Cunningham Dowd. Browse related items

Dr. Mildred Stahlman during Rounds

Dr. Mildred Stahlman teaches students in the NICU during rounds. Browse related items

Ward III Camp Hospital 28, Nevers, France. Mims Wilkerson "in charge."

The pneumonia and influenza ward of Hospital 28 decorated for Christmas. There is some confusion whether this is Ward I (as noted in the official Signal Corps records) or Ward III (as indicated on the back of this print).

US Army Signal Corps… Browse related items

Convalescent ward ward IX Camp Hospital 28, Nevers, France

Convalescent ward decorated for Christmas.

US Army Signal Corps photo 45873. Browse related items

Laundry, Camp Hospital 28, Nevers France

Two women working in the laundry of Hospital 28.

US Army Signal Corps photo 45868. Browse related items

Dispensary or Pharmacy, Camp Hospital 28, Nevers, France

CH Taylor standing in the dispensary.

US Army Signal Corps photo 45863. Browse related items

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