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"A Group of Soldierly Looking Officers"
A snapshot of doctors from Hospital Unit S, in front of Camp Hospital 28 in Nevers, France. Unit S was known as "the Vanderbilt Unit."

"Lt. Kennon's Moustache and Lesser Objects"
Snapshot of William G. Kennon and other members of Vanderbilt Unit S on the steps of Camp Hospital 28 in Nevers, France.

"Rapid Transit in France"
A snapshot of a woman and a donkey cart, likely taken by a member of the Vanderbilt Unit in Nevers, France, during World War I.

"Representing Various Soldierly Attitudes"
Snapshot of several members of Hospital Unit S, the Vanderbilt Unit, during World War I. They are posing on the front steps of Camp Hospital 28 in Nevers, France.

"Rue Victor Hugo, Nevers France, Taken in Front of the Hospital"
Hospital Unit S, known as "the Vanderbilt Unit" was stationed at Camp Hospital 28 in Nevers, France, during World War I.

"The Three Million Dollar School of Medicine"
Vanderbilt Hospital and School of Medicine, ca 1925. Prepared for a print publication, and labeled on the reverse "The three million dollar School of Medicine."

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21st Avenue Entrance to Vanderbilt Hospital, 1963
A crane is seen in the background, as part of the construction of the 1964 addition to Medical Center North. That addition has since been swallowed by MRB III, a biomedical sciences research building.

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A Dietetic Intern Examining Menus
Dietetic Intern Virginia Cunningham Dowd examines a menu at her desk

A Dietetic Intern with Cooks in the Kitchen
An unidentified dietetic intern observes two cooks in the kitchen. One of them, perhaps the man on the right, is identified as "Wilton Johnson"

A Man Unveiling a Statue in the New VU Hospital
Bill Doak's sculpture, "Circus Horse and Rider" is now located in the Children's Hospital garden.
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