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H. Earl Ginn
Photographic portrait of H. Earl Ginn. H. Earl Ginn was born in Tylertown, MS in 1931. He was educated at Tulane University and Baylor University, receiving the BA in 1953. He graduated MD from Emory University in 1957. He then completed internship…

Robert Keith Rhamy
Robert Keith Rhamy served on the Vanderbilt medical faculty from 1964-1982. He was a professor of urology, specializing in urological surgery. 

Edward H Barksdale
Edward H Barksdale (1897-1991) was a Vanderbilt resident and faculty member.

Perry Bromberg
Dr. Perry Bromberg was a professor of clinical urology at Vanderbilt University. He belonged to many medical and surgical societies. He was president of the Nashville Academy of Medicine and the Davidson County Medical Society. He died of coronary…
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