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University of Nashville Medical School Class Composite, 1909


Syble Garrett

I am interested in finding more information regarding my Great Grand Father and both his brothers. All of them attended the Medical school.  Their names are William Ellis Maples; John Malcolm Maples and Joseph Hemans Maples.  I believe that either William Ellis or John Malcolm Maples graduated in 1903 and 1909.  I am not sure when Joseph Hemans Maples graduated.  If there is any information you give to me I would greatly appreciate any assistance you could give me.   

2014-03-20 14:39:33

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Thank you for your comment. Please use our contact form at and we'll try to get you all the information we have on them. If they are graduates of the University of Nashville after 1895, our information may be limited.

2014-03-20 14:47:22

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You can also call us at 615-936-1406

2014-03-20 14:49:01

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University of Nashville Medical School Class Composite, 1909


VUMC History, Medical Education


Composite photograph depicting the 1909 graduates and faculty of the University of Nashville Medical Department. Although Vanderbilt was after 1895 no longer allied with the University of Nashville, the two schools are still linked in popular memory.





Eskind Biomedical Library Special Collections


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Original Format: 

composite photograph   

Physical Dimensions: 

18.5 in. x 12.25 in.   



Corbitt , “University of Nashville Medical School Class Composite, 1909,” VUMC Through Time, accessed December 5, 2021,

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