Historic Images of VUMC

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Historic Images of VUMC


These images from EBL Special Collections depict the changes and growth of the campuses and buildings since the founding of Vanderbilt Medical School in 1875.

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Vanderbilt South Campus, ca 1920
South campus of Vanderbilt University, which was the location of the Medical Department from 1911-1925. The image depicts the School of Dentistry, the administration building, the gymnasium, and the Medical Department's Central Hall.

Vanderbilt Medical Department (Central Hall), ca. 1968
Front of Central Hall, showing entire building.

Vanderbilt Medical School, 5th and Elm
A lithographic illustration of the Vanderbilt Medical School in 1895, used as an advertisement for Ciba's pharmaceutical product, desoxycorticosterone acetate. On the front, a printed caption stating "Vanderbilt Medical School, Nashville, Tennessee,"…

Christmas at 5th and Elm Hospital
The patient ward at 5th and Elm, decorated for Christmas with a tree and paper garlands from the ceiling. The date is unknown.

Vanderbilt University Hospital and Clinic (5th and Elm)
This image was originally published in early Vanderbilt Medical School catalogs.

Litterer Laboratory of Bacteriology
The front of the Litterer Laboratory, likely taken from an old publication, perhaps a catalog.

Litterer Laboratory, 1968
The front of the Litterer Laboratory, as it appeared in 1968.

Litterer Laboratory, 1968
A distant image of the Litterer Laboratory, with the "Round Building" visible, and the Elm Street Methodist Church in the foreground.

Litterer Laboratory, 1968
An external image of the Litterer Laboratory building as it appeared in 1968.
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