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View of Medical Center North from New Hospital, 1979
The new Vanderbilt Hospital wasn't officially opened until 1980, but this view of the old hospital was taken from the new one in October of 1979. Part of the structure can be seen at the very right edge of the image.

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Construction of the Tunnel Underneath VUMC
An underground tunnel connects Medical Center North (MCN) to Light Hall and the new Vanderbilt Hospital. This undated photograph shows its construction in early stages leading from the Round Wing.

Vanderbilt Hospital Construction, circa 1977
Nearly the entire construction site for the new hospital can be seen from this aerial view. Light Hal, Langford Auditorium, and the Round Wing can be seen in the background.

Vanderbilt Hospital Construction, July 1977
A wide view of hospital construction, with Light Hall, Langford Auditorium, and the Round Wing in the background.

Round and West Wings, ca. 1965
Automobiles pull into the new hospital entrance.

Round Wing Patient Room
What appears to be an empty patient room in the new Round Wing.

Interior View of Round Wing Construction, ca. 1962
Two men inspect the half-finished interior of the Round Wing.
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