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Thomas Atchison

Photographic portrait of Thomas Atchison. Dr. Atchison was born in Kentucky in 1818. He graduated from Transylvania Medical College in approximately 1838 and later moved to Nashville. Atchison served as the Chair of Materia Medica of the joint…

Paul Dudley Lamson

Paul Dudley Lamson is widely regarded for his pivotal research in the development of the remedy for hookworm disease.For more information please see the Finding Aid for Paul Dudley Lamson.

Ann Stone Minot

Photographic portrait of Ann Stone Minot. Ann Stone Minot grew up on a family farm in New Hampshire and graduated from Smith College in 1915. She carried out her doctoral work at Harvard Medical School, but since she was female, her degree was…

Allan D. Bass

Dr. Allan D. Bass (1910-2005) was a scientist, an educator, and an administrator; he pioneered pharmacological research on skin sterilizing agents, sulfonamides, hormones, adrenal corticosteroids, anthelmintics and chemical transmitters. At…

Grant Wilkinson

Dr. Grant R. Wilkinson was a Professor of Clinical Pharmacology at VUMC from 1971 until his death in 2006. A native of Derby, England, Dr. Wilkinson was widely known for his contributions to understanding why patients vary in their response to drugs.…

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