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Katherine Anderson in the Laboratory

Katherine Anderson was a laboratory technician and doctoral student in bacteriology. She was awarded the PhD from Vanderbilt in 1940, and would later marry Ernest Goodpasture.  Browse related items

Dr. Benton Adkins

Dr. Adkins' medical staff portrait. Dr. Adkins joined the Vanderbilt faculty in 1966. Browse related items

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Harry L. Page, Jr.

Harry Lee Page, Jr., Lt. Medical Corps, USNR, 1966.

Dr. Page is a graduate of the 1959 Vanderbilt School of Medicine, and also a former resident and faculty member. He is one of the founders of the cardiology practice that has now become the… Browse related items

Dr. Harry L. Page, Jr. Performing the First PTCA in the Mid-South, 1979

First PTCA (percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty) in the Mid-South, Nov. 6, 1979. Foreground Harry Page and George Burrus, background E.E. Anderson, John Breinig, and Bart Campbell. At the time, Dr.s Page and Campbell were at St. Thomas… Browse related items

Lulu Hassenplug

Lulu Hassenplug was a graduate of the Vanderbilt University School of Nursing, Class of 1942. She also was a member of the VUSN faculty. Browse related items

Class of 1947 - 50th Reunion

Photograph of Nursing School Class of 1947 during 50th reunion

VUSN Instructor, Vaughn Sinclair, with daughter, a recent VUSN graduate

VUSN Instructor, Vaughn Sinclair, with daughter, a recent VUSN graduate Browse related items

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