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A Dietetic Intern Examining Menus
Dietetic Intern Virginia Cunningham Dowd examines a menu at her desk

Alfred Blalock in the Faculty Dining Room
A surgeon, Dr. Blalock (smoking) later became known (at Johns Hopkins) for helping develop a procedure to cure blue baby syndrome.

Alice Polk
Polk was a lab technician and co-author with Dr. Buddingh and Dr. Goodpasture on several papers relating to chick embryos.

Anatomy Lab, 1938
Nursing students of the class of 1938 participating in an anatomy lab.

Catherine Avery
Katherine Avery's husband, Roy, was a professor of bacteriology at Vanderbilt Medical School from 1931-1953. This photograph appears to have been taken in a Vanderbilt laboratory.

Construction inside VUMC Tunnel
Workers build the tunnel connecting Medical Center North (MCN) to the rest of VUMC.

Convalescent ward ward IX Camp Hospital 28, Nevers, France
Convalescent ward decorated for Christmas.

US Army Signal Corps photo 45873.

Cooking Class, 1938
Nursing students in a cooking class.
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