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Harry L. Page, Jr.
Harry Lee Page, Jr., Lt. Medical Corps, USNR, 1966.

Dr. Page is a graduate of the 1959 Vanderbilt School of Medicine, and also a former resident and faculty member. He is one of the founders of the cardiology practice that has now become the…

Dr. Harry L. Page, Jr. Performing the First PTCA in the Mid-South, 1979
First PTCA (percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty) in the Mid-South, Nov. 6, 1979. Foreground Harry Page and George Burrus, background E.E. Anderson, John Breinig, and Bart Campbell. At the time, Dr.s Page and Campbell were at St. Thomas…

Vanderbilt Medical House Staff, 1960-1961
Residents of the Department of Medicine, posing with Dr. David Rogers, chair of the department.

Vanderbilt Medical House Staff, 1959-1960
Vanderbilt residents posing with the new chair of the Department of Medicine, Dr. David Rogers.
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