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Nursing School Dean Julia Hereford
Julia Hereford was dean of the Nursing School from 1949-1965.

U.S. Cadet Nurses Corps Induction Parade
U.S. Cadet Nurses Corps induction parade. Broad St. Nashville, Tennessee, May 1943; Hereford, Julia (left front). Nursing students from all over Nashville participated in the parade and induction ceremonies.

Nursing All-School Banquet, 1944
The All-School Banquet, honoring the Class of 1944, was held on March 14, 1944, at the Belle Meade Country Club. Standing at the Speakers' table are (reading from left to right) Mrs. A. B. Benedict, Miss Virginia Crenshaw, Miss Velma Moore, Miss,…

Julia  Hereford
Photographic portrait of Julia Hereford. Julia Jane Hereford, Ph.D., R.N., was appointed to the Vanderbilt University School of Nursing faculty as an instructor in 1938. Her service on the faculty, along with the completion of her M.A. in teaching…
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