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Medical School Faculty Caricatures 1954 (2 of 7): Department of Surgery

Caricatures of faculty members of the Department of Surgery, by medical student Wallace Clyde (1954). Clockwise, from top left: H. William Scott, Rudolph Light, Beverly Douglas, Rollin Daniel. A set of these caricatures was presented by the… Browse related items

Rudolph Alvin Light

Photographic portrait of Rudolph Alvin Light. Rudolph Alvin Light received his Ph.B. in English and archeology from Yale University in 1931. He then enrolled at the University of Southern California, where, amidst the study of physics and chemistry,…

Vanderbilt Surgical House Staff and Faculty, 1955-1956

Department of Surgery residents and faculty posing in front of Vanderbilt Medical School (now Medical Center North). Browse related items

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