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Vanderbilt Medical School Faculty, 1925
The first group photograph of the Vanderbilt Medical School faculty at the new campus.


Medical School Class Composite, 1926
Composite photograph depicting the 1926 graduates and faculty of the Vanderbilt School of Medicine.

Ernest W. Goodpasture
Dr. Ernest Goodpasture (1886-1960) was a Vanderbilt pathologist, best known for his method of growing uncontaminated viruses in chick embryos. During his early years at Vanderbilt, Dr. Goodpasture and his associates carried out studies that laid theā€¦

Medical School Class Composite, 1932
Class composite showing 1932 faculty and graduates from Vanderbilt University's Medical School.

Vanderbilt Medical School Faculty, 1936
Pictured, from left: Robert Cunningham; Paul Lamson; Ernest Goodpasture, Lucius Burch, C.S. Robinson, Walter Garrey, Horton Casparis, Waller S. Leathers, Hugh Jackson Morgan, and Barney Brooks.


Ernest Goodpasture with a Snapping Turtle
Dr. Ernest Goodpasture holds a snapping turtle on the road in front of the home of Dr. Paul Lamson.

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