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Edward H Barksdale

Edward H Barksdale (1897-1991) was a Vanderbilt resident and faculty member.For more information please see the Finding Aid for Edward H Barksdale.

Charles Sidney Burwell

Charles Sidney Burwell (1893-1967) served as Professor of Medicine at Vanderbilt from 1928 to 1935. For more information please see the Finding Aid for Dr. Burwell's Biographical File.


Waller Leathers, Sidney Burwell, and G. Canby Robinson

This picture was taken in the doorway of the "new wing" entrance to Preventive Medicine and the dean's office, at the formal opening of that building. Dr. Robinson returned to Vanderbilt for the occasion. Browse related items


Vanderbilt Medical School Faculty, 1925

The first group photograph of the Vanderbilt Medical School faculty at the new campus. Browse related items


Vanderbilt Medicine House Staff, 1934-1935

Department of Medicine Residents and interns posing with Dr. Sidney Burwell. Browse related items

Vanderbilt Medical House Staff, 1930-1931

Department of Medicine residents posing with several senior faculty members. Browse related items

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