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Angel I Transport Van
Beginning in 1972, the Vanderbilt neonatology department operated an ambulance service to transport patients to the hospital's NICU. While this vehicle has long been retired, the neonatal transport program is still going strong.


Mildred Stahlman leads the procession at 1975 commencement.
As chair of the Faculty Senate, Dr. Stahlman had the privilege of carrying the ceremonial mace at commencement.

Mildred Stahlman dances with Vice Chancellor Ike Robinson
Dr. Stahlman celebrates after receiving the Patron Award.

Dr. Mildred Stahlman during Rounds
Dr. Mildred Stahlman teaches students in the NICU during rounds.

Dr. Mildred Stahlman as a medical student
This photograph was probably taken when Dr. Stahlman was a freshman medical student in 1943.

Mildred Stahlman holding a baby in the NICU
This image was taken by artist Louise Lequire as a study for her portrait of Dr. Stahlman, which hangs at VUMC.

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Dr. Mildred Stahlman with a young patient in an undated photograph
Dr. Stahlman was an early innovator in the use of respirators for premature infants.

VUMC 100th Anniversary Celebration
Dean John Chapman, Dr. William Meacham, Dr. Amos Christie, Dr. Mildred Stahlman, and Dr. Allan Bass share a panel celebrating Vanderbilt Medical Center's 100th Anniversary.

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Mildred Stahlman, 1951
Dr. Stahlman poses for her faculty application photograph in October, 1951. Dr. Stahlman graduated from Vanderbilt Medical School in 1946.


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