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Helen Link, Director of Dietetics, 1946 - 1949
Portrait of Helen Link, Director of Dietetics

Dietetic interns, 1954
Dietetic interns from the class of 1954 pose for a photograph

Dietetic Interns in the Cafeteria
A group of dietetic interns, perhaps from the class of 1955, gather at a table in the Vanderbilt cafeteria.

Dietetic Interns, class of 1959-1960
Dietetic interns, from the class of 1959-1960, pose for a photograph

Dietetic interns, 1960
A group of dietetic interns poses for a photograph in October, 1960.

Frances King and Dietitians Pose for a Photograph
Frances King, assistant director of nursing services, poses with Aileen Graves, Bernice Hopkins (director of dietetics), Carolyn Reiver, and Ruth Land

Mrs. Aletta Gehres
Aletta Gehres (on the right?) poses for the camera

A Dietetic Intern with Cooks in the Kitchen
An unidentified dietetic intern observes two cooks in the kitchen. One of them, perhaps the man on the right, is identified as "Wilton Johnson"
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