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Medical Center North, ca. 1979
MCN seen from the corner of 21st and Garland.


Energy Awareness Campaign at MCN, 1979
Shelia Bloom and Steve Penin watch as an unnamed plant operations employee checks a light fixture in Medical Center North.

Interior View of MCN, 1979
Employees of production company Scene 3 push equipment carts down the aisle of Medical Center North, 1979

MCN Hair Salon, ca. 1979
Women setting their hair at the hair salon in Medical Center North.

Interior View of Medical Center North, 1979
A Scene 3 (production company) employee navigates an equipment cart down the halls of MCN.

Medical Center North Lounge, ca. 1979
A man smokes a cigarette while waiting in the lounge between B & C 3100 in Medical Center North.


Operating Room in the Emergency Department, ca. 1979
A member of the medical staff adjusts a bed in an operating room.
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