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The Joe and Howard Werthan Building, ca. 1970
After the completion of the West Court project in 1964, the main hospital entrance shifted to Garland Ave., and the original entrance was replaced with the Werthan Building, which was integrated into the existing Medical Center North (MCN).

The Joe and Howard Werthan Building, ca. 1970
In 1970, the Werthan Building was completed, replacing the iconic entrance to the Vanderbilt Hospital.

Nuclear Medicine Department
Just to the left of this addition was the entrance to the Vanderbilt Clinic, and just to the right was the entrance to the emergency room.

The South Wing of MCN and the Werthan Building
An ambulance drives down 21st Ave. in front of Vanderbilt Hospital and Medical Center North.

Vanderbilt Hospital West Court Entrance, circa 1964
The West Court project was completed in 1964, when it became the new hospital entrance.

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Architectural Rendering of Werthan Building
The new Werthan Building replaced the original entrance to Vanderbilt Hospital, and was completed in 1970.

MCN During the new Hospital Construction, ca. 1979
Medical Center North seen during the construction of the hospital.

The Joe and Howard Werthan Building, ca. 1979
The letters forming the building's name, seen through the trees.
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