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Entrance to Vanderbilt Hospital, circa 1945

Automobiles are parked on 21st Ave. in front of Vanderbilt Hospital Browse related items

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Diagnostic and Treatment Wing - Vanderbilt University Hospital

Architectural rendering of what appears to be the South Wing of the Vanderbilt Hospital, which was already built in 1959. Two more floors were added in 1963 to house laboratory and office space for the Clinical Research Center. Browse related items

Southeast View of the Entrance to Vanderbilt Hospital, ca. 1960

An ambulance is parked in front of the hospital entrance. Browse related items

Entrance to the Vanderbilt Hospital, ca. 1960

People enter the hospital from the front entrance. Browse related items

Learned Lab Construction, ca. 1960

A man walks into the medical school courtyard through the doorway of the uncompleted Learned building. Browse related items

Learned Laboratory Building under Construction, 1960

The first two floors of the Learned Lab were completed in 1952, but it wasn't until 1961 that the building was finished. Browse related items

Excavation for the Round Wing, ca. 1961

The foundation for the future Round Wing is under construction. Browse related items

Medical Center Construction, ca. 1961

Construction probably related to the completion of the Learned building in 1961. Browse related items

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