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Vanderbilt Hospital and School of Medicine Construction, March 1924
View of the very early stages of construction of Vanderbilt University Hospital and Medical School in March of 1924.

Vanderbilt Hospital, Vanderbilt University, Nashville. Tenn., ca 1925
A view of Vanderbilt University Hospital, as seen from above Edgehill Ave. Automobiles and a trolley car are visible in the foreground.

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Stately Entrance to the Vanderbilt Hospital
A newspaper clipping from Feb. 1928 (source unknown) depicting the Vanderbilt Hospital. On the back are advertisements for "Preparatory Schools for Vanderbilt."

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Entrance to Vanderbilt Hospital
Entrance to the Vanderbilt Hospital, with two automobiles in the foreground.

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Vanderbilt Hospital, December 1924
View of the mostly complete hospital and medical school building.

Entrance to Vanderbilt Hospital, ca 1925
A print on modern copy paper of an image of the hospital from the 1920s.

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