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Mildred Stahlman, 1951
Dr. Stahlman poses for her faculty application photograph in October, 1951. Dr. Stahlman graduated from Vanderbilt Medical School in 1946.


Allan Bass, 1984
Dr. Allan Bass (1910-2005) served as chair of the Department of Pharmacology from 1953 to 1973.

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Thomas  Atchison
Photographic portrait of Thomas Atchison. Dr. Atchison was born in Kentucky in 1818. He graduated from Transylvania Medical College in approximately 1838 and later moved to Nashville. Atchison served as the Chair of Materia Medica of the joint…

William Thompson Briggs
Photograph of an oil portrait of William Thompson Briggs. Dr. Briggs graduated in medicine from Transylvania University in 1849. After moving to Nashville in 1851 to become demonstrator of anatomy at the University of Nashville, he became a partner…

Charles S. Briggs
Photographic portrait of Charles S. Briggs. Dr. Charles Briggs graduated from the University of Nashville's medical department in 1875. He then left Nashville for Philadelphia to study surgery with Dr. S.W. Gross, returning in 1877. Dr. Briggs then…

Medical School Class Composite, 1890
Composite photograph depicting the 1890 graduates of the Vanderbilt School of Medicine.

Thomas Menees
Portrait of Thomas Menees. Dr. Thomas Menees was the first Dean of the combined medical departments of the University of Nashville and Vanderbilt University, a post which he held from 1874 to 1895.

Medical School Class Composite, 1892
Composite photograph depicting the 1892 graduates and faculty of the Vanderbilt School of Medicine.
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