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Entrance to Vanderbilt Hospital, ca. 1935

The entrance to Vanderbilt Hospital, with what appear to be Christmas trees flanking the arch. Browse related items

Entrance to Vanderbilt University Hospital

Entrance to Vanderbilt University Hospital. The sign for the dispensary is visible in the foreground.  Browse related items

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Vanderbilt Hospital and School of Medicine

Cars line the street (Garland Avenue) in front of the Vanderbilt Hospital and School of Medicine.  Browse related items

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Mary Kirkland Hall (Nursing School), 1936

Picture from 1936 of Mary Kirkland Hall.

This building was named the "School of Nursing Building” until 1934, when it was renamed “Mary Kirkland Hall.” In 1958, the building was renamed “Mary Henderson Hall,” and the… Browse related items

Vanderbilt Hospital as Seen from across Garland Ave., 1936

This view of the current Medical Center North was taken from the location of the current Vanderbilt Hospital, built in 1980. Browse related items

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