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Vanderbilt Hospital Construction Site, January 1980
A view of McTyeire Hall and the University Club from the foundations of the new hospital.

Vanderbilt Hospital Interior Construction, January 1980
A man in a hardhat, identified as Art Shultz, talks on a telephone in an unfinished hospital corridor.

Vanderbilt Hospital Interior Construction, October 1979
A row of elevator doors in the unfinished interior of the Vanderbilt Hospital.

Vanderbilt Hospital Construction, June 1979
A view of the new hospital construction from below.

Vanderbilt Hospital Construction, ca. 1979
The external shell of the new hospital is nearly completed.

Vanderbilt Hospital Construction, July 1977
A wide view of hospital construction, with Light Hall, Langford Auditorium, and the Round Wing in the background.

Vanderbilt Hospital Construction, January 1979
A view of VU Hospital construction, with the Medical Arts building in the background.

Construction of Vanderbilt Hospital, July 1977
Early stages of the construction of Vanderbilt Hospital. Light Hall and Langford Auditorium are visible in the background.
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