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William S. Coppage

William S. Coppage Jr. was a resident physician at Vanderbilt University Hospital from 1959-1960. For more information please see the Finding Aid for William S. Coppage, Jr.

Robert Deaver Collins

Photographic portrait of Robert Deaver Collins. Robert Collins graduated from Vanderbilt University B.A. in 1948 and M.D. in 1951. He served as an Assistant Professor (1959-1965) and an Associate Professor (1965-1968) in the Department of Pathology.…

Henry Murfree Carney

Henry M. Carney received the M.D. from Vanderbilt in 1933. He served his surgical residency at Vanderbilt, working with Dr. Barney Brooks and Dr. Alfred Blalock. When the United States entered World War II, Dr. Carney joined the Vanderbilt unit, the…

John Alfred Calhoun

J. Alfred Calhoun was a resident physician at Vanderbilt School of Medicine during the 1930s. For more information please see the Finding Aid for John Alfred Calhoun.


C. Gordon Peerman, Jr.

C. Gordon Peerman Jr. graduated from Tulane University and Vanderbilt School of Medicine (1949). He completed his residency training at Vanderbilt University Hospital in obstetrics and gynecology. Peerman then served on a Naval surgical team with the…

Arthur L. Brooks

Photographic portrait of Arthur L. Brooks. Arthur L. Brooks was born in 1924 in Tennessee. A highly respected orthopaedic surgeon and teacher, Brooks graduated from Vanderbilt Medical School in 1952, completed his orthopaedic residency here in 1958,…

Ben V. Branscomb

Photographic portrait of Ben V. Branscomb. Ben V. Branscomb, M.D., attended Duke University School of Medicine from 1944-47 and interned at the University of Chicago Clinics from 1947-48. He conducted his residency at Vanderbilt University as…


Edmund Woodward Benz, Sr.

Dr. Edmund W. Benz graduated from Vanderbilt University's School of Medicine in 1940. He received the Ben Witt Key Annual Award in 1940. Dr. Benz was a successful surgeon in Nashville and a member of the clinical faculty at Vanderbilt Medical School.…

William S. Stoney

Dr. William Shannon Stoney received his B.S. from the University of the South in 1950 and his M.D. from Vanderbilt University in 1954. After completing his surgical residency at Vanderbilt University Hospital, 1954-1962, he spent a year as a Senior…

Allan D. Bass

Dr. Allan D. Bass (1910-2005) was a scientist, an educator, and an administrator; he pioneered pharmacological research on skin sterilizing agents, sulfonamides, hormones, adrenal corticosteroids, anthelmintics and chemical transmitters. At…

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