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Vanderbilt Hospital Medical Ward, ca 1925
Medical ward. The closed doors at the end led to a sun porch, where patients were treated for pulmonary tuberculosis.

Vanderbilt Hospital and School of Medicine, ca 1925
Small card printed with an image of Vanderbilt Hospital from the 1920s.

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Vanderbilt Hospital, December 1924
View of the mostly complete hospital and medical school building.

Interior View of Vanderbilt Hospital Entrance, ca. 1925
Interior view of the hospital entrance. To the left is the telephone operator's station. The operator at the time was Mrs. O'Brien, Dr. Alfred Blalock's mother-in-law.

Litterer Laboratory, 1968
A distant image of the Litterer Laboratory, with the "Round Building" visible, and the Elm Street Methodist Church in the foreground.


Galloway Memorial Hospital, 1968
The front of the Galloway building in 1968, from an angle.

Central Hall, Vanderbilt Medical Department, 1968
Central Hall of the old Vanderbilt University Medical Department, ca. 1968.

Litterer Laboratory, 1968
An external image of the rear of the Litterer Laboratory building as it appeared in 1968.


Vanderbilt Medical Department (Central Hall), ca. 1968
Front of Central Hall, which was the primary building for Vanderbilt's Medical Department from 1911-1925.
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