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Excavation for the Round Wing, ca. 1961

The foundation for the future Round Wing is under construction. Browse related items

Round Wing, ca. 1965

The West and Round Wings of Vanderbilt Hospital were completed in 1962, and the West Court (at the right edge of the photo) in 1964. Browse related items

Entrance to Vanderbilt Hospital, circa 1945

Automobiles are parked on 21st Ave. in front of Vanderbilt Hospital Browse related items

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Southeast View of the Entrance to Vanderbilt Hospital, ca. 1960

An ambulance is parked in front of the hospital entrance. Browse related items

Old Entrance to the Vanderbilt Hospital, ca. 1965

A woman walks down the 21st Ave. sidewalk in front of the 1964 addition to Vanderbilt Hospital. With the opening of the West Court entrance in 1964, the 21st Ave. entrance had become obsolete. Browse related items

Aerial View of Vanderbilt Medical Center, ca. 1965

This aerial photo was taken around 1965, after most of the major renovations of the 1960s had been completed, but before the Zerfoss Student Health Center had been built. Browse related items

21st Avenue Entrance to Vanderbilt Hospital, 1963

A crane is seen in the background, as part of the construction of the 1964 addition to Medical Center North. That addition has since been swallowed by MRB III, a biomedical sciences research building. Browse related items

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West Court Hospital Addition, ca. 1964

Vanderbilt added a new entrance to the hospital in 1964, known at the time as the "West Court Project," which is now the main entrance to Medical Center North. Browse related items

West Court Hospital Addition, ca. 1964

The new West Court project added a new entrance to Medical Center North in 1964. The section of Garland Ave. seen here is now a plaza between MCN and the hospital. Browse related items

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