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Alfred Blalock in the Faculty Dining Room

A surgeon, Dr. Blalock (smoking) later became known (at Johns Hopkins) for helping develop a procedure to cure blue baby syndrome. Browse related items

Faculty Dining Room

Members of the pathology department in the dining room, including (facing, left to right) John Buddingh, Mae Gallavan, and Oscar Bloch. Browse related items

Faculty Dining Room

Faculty members, including Dr. Katie Dodd (second from right), in the faculty dining room. Browse related items

Faculty Dining Room

Hugh Jackson Morgan, Tinsley Harrison, Dean Waller Leathers, and Chancellor Oliver Carmichael eat in the faculty dining room. Browse related items

Unidentified People in Laboratory

Two people conduct research in a laboratory. Browse related items

Jimmie Pinkston

Jim Pinkston was a faculty member in the Department of Pharmacology. Here his wife Jimmie is seen perched on a laboratory chair, reading. Browse related items

Alice Polk

Polk was a lab technician and co-author with Dr. Buddingh and Dr. Goodpasture on several papers relating to chick embryos. Browse related items

Mae Gallavan and Katherine Anderson in the Laboratory

During her short tenure (1936-1938) on the pathology faculty, Dr. Gallavan published several papers on the chick embryo, including two with Ernest Goodpasture as co-author. Dr. Anderson was a graduate student and laboratory technician at the time,… Browse related items

John Buddingh Inoculating a Chick Embryo

Pathologist John Buddingh in the laboratory, apparently inoculating a chick embryo. Browse related items

Woman in Laboratory

This woman has been identified as either Alice Mitchell or Alice Polk. Polk was a lab technician, and Mitchell was assistant secretary to the Department of Pathology. Browse related items

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