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Amos U. Christie
Amos Christie (1902-1986) was a pediatrician, child health advocate, professor, and administrator at Vanderbilt University Medical School. Dr. Christie is best known for his research in histoplasmosis, known as the "Vanderbilt disease," but he also…

Anatomy Lab, 1938
Nursing students of the class of 1938 participating in an anatomy lab.

Angel I Transport Van
Beginning in 1972, the Vanderbilt neonatology department operated an ambulance service to transport patients to the hospital's NICU. While this vehicle has long been retired, the neonatal transport program is still going strong.


Ann Stone Minot
Photographic portrait of Ann Stone Minot. Ann Stone Minot grew up on a family farm in New Hampshire and graduated from Smith College in 1915. She carried out her doctoral work at Harvard Medical School, but since she was female, her degree was…

Annie G. "Miss Annie" Bromwell
Miss Annie Bromwell began her work at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine in 1899. She served as secretary to many deans, as Registrar, and as Special Assistant to the Registrar. She retired in 1962 after 63 years of service.


Architects in front of the New Hospital
Architects Chris Liakakos and Mike Strange Pose in front of the New Hospital

Architectural Rendering of Werthan Building
The new Werthan Building replaced the original entrance to Vanderbilt Hospital, and was completed in 1970.

Arthur L. Brooks
Photographic portrait of Arthur L. Brooks. Arthur L. Brooks was born in 1924 in Tennessee. A highly respected orthopaedic surgeon and teacher, Brooks graduated from Vanderbilt Medical School in 1952, completed his orthopaedic residency here in 1958,…

Artist's Conception of Medical Center East
The Medical Center East tower (atop the parking garage) looks much like this today, but without the trees on that building's building's terraces.
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