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William David Haggard

Photographic portrait of William David Haggard, Jr. William D. Haggard, M.D., F.A.C.S., was the first president and one of the founders of the Southern Surgical Association. He graduated from the University of Tennessee Medical School with the Doctor…

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Duncan Eve, Sr.

Photographic portrait of Duncan Eve Sr. Duncan Eve, Sr. was born in a prominent medical family of Southern surgeons and educators. Eve received his A.B. from the University of Nashville in 1870 and his M.D. from Bellevue Medical College in 1874. For…

Waller Leathers, Sidney Burwell, and G. Canby Robinson

This picture was taken in the doorway of the "new wing" entrance to Preventive Medicine and the dean's office, at the formal opening of that building. Dr. Robinson returned to Vanderbilt for the occasion. Browse related items


Ernest W. Goodpasture

Dr. Ernest Goodpasture (1886-1960) was a Vanderbilt pathologist, best known for his method of growing uncontaminated viruses in chick embryos. During his early years at Vanderbilt, Dr. Goodpasture and his associates carried out studies that laid the…

Katharine Dodd

Katharine Dodd was educated at Bryn Mawr College and received her M.D. from Johns Hopkins in 1921. She served as Assistant professor and later as Associate Professor of Pediatrics at Vanderbilt from 1925 to 1944. For more information please see the…

Vanderbilt Medical House Staff and Faculty, 1928-1929

Residents, interns, and Department of Medicine faculty. Browse related items

Vanderbilt Medical House Staff, 1929-1930

Department of Medicine residents posing with members of the department faculty. Browse related items

Hugh Jackson Morgan

Photographic portrait of Hugh Jackson Morgan. Hugh Jackson Morgan graduated from Vanderbilt University in 1914. He was a prominent member of the Vanderbilt varsity football team and was selected as an All Southern Center. After attending two years at…

Cobb Pilcher

Cobb Pilcher, a brilliant neurosurgeon and protege of Barney Brooks, established and developed the Division of Neurologic Surgery at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine. A native of Nashville, Pilcher entered Vanderbilt University at the age of…

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