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Dr. William Rice Farris

Photographic portrait of Dr. William Rice Farris, Class of 1893-1894.

Dr. William Rice Farris
Class of 1893-94
By Shirley Farris Jones

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Medical School Class Composite, 1893

Composite photograph depicting the 1893 graduates and faculty of the Vanderbilt School of Medicine.

Letter from Dr. Ewing to William Rice Farris

Letter encouraging William Rice Ferris to recruit friends to attend the medical school. Browse related items

Medical School Class Composite, 1894

Composite photograph depicting the 1894 graduates and faculty of the Vanderbilt School of Medicine and University of Nashville School of Medicine.

Richard Alexander Barr

Photographic portrait of Richard Alexander Barr. Richard A. Barr graduated from Vanderbilt University in 1892 and received the MD from Vanderbilt in 1894. After graduation he practiced as a surgeon in Nashville with an office in the Eve Building. He…

Vanderbilt Medical School, 5th and Elm

A lithographic illustration of the Vanderbilt Medical School in 1895, used as an advertisement for Ciba's pharmaceutical product, desoxycorticosterone acetate. On the front, a printed caption stating "Vanderbilt Medical School, Nashville, Tennessee,"… Browse related items

William Lofland Dudley

Photographic portrait of William Lofland Dudley. William Lofland Dudley earned his undergraduate degree from the University of Cincinnati in 1880. He earned an honarary degree of Doctor of Medicine at Miami Medical College in 1885. Dudley became…

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