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Mae Gallavan and Katherine Anderson in the Laboratory

During her short tenure (1936-1938) on the pathology faculty, Dr. Gallavan published several papers on the chick embryo, including two with Ernest Goodpasture as co-author. Dr. Anderson was a graduate student and laboratory technician at the time,… Browse related items

Katherine Anderson in the Laboratory

Katherine Anderson was a laboratory technician and doctoral student in bacteriology. She was awarded the PhD from Vanderbilt in 1940, and would later marry Ernest Goodpasture.  Browse related items

John Buddingh Inoculating a Chick Embryo

Pathologist John Buddingh in the laboratory, apparently inoculating a chick embryo. Browse related items

Woman in Laboratory

This woman has been identified as either Alice Mitchell or Alice Polk. Polk was a lab technician, and Mitchell was assistant secretary to the Department of Pathology. Browse related items

Roy and Catherine Avery

Roy Avery was professor of biochemistry at Vanderbilt Medical School from 1931-1953. Browse related items

Catherine Avery

Katherine Avery's husband, Roy, was a professor of bacteriology at Vanderbilt Medical School from 1931-1953. This photograph appears to have been taken in a Vanderbilt laboratory. Browse related items

Unidentified Men in a Laboratory Room

A photograph of two unidentified men, at least one likely a physcian, in a VUMC laboratory. Browse related items

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