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VUMC Parking Lot and Garland Avenue, ca. 1975

Before the construction of the Eskind Library in 1994, Garland Ave. connected 24th and 21st avenues, and the street was several lanes further to the east. Here, a traffic cop stops cars, allowing a pedestrian to cross Garland. Browse related items

View of the Emergency Department Entrance from the East Garage

The old emergency room was located at the present location of the VU Institute for Imaging Science. Browse related items

Vanderbilt Clinic Entrance from Garland Ave., ca. 1979

Automobiles parked on what is now Medical Center Dr., in front of Medical Center North Browse related items

MCN During the new Hospital Construction, ca. 1979

Medical Center North seen during the construction of the hospital. Browse related items

The South Wing of MCN and the Werthan Building

An ambulance drives down 21st Ave. in front of Vanderbilt Hospital and Medical Center North. Browse related items

Round and West Wings, ca. 1965

Automobiles pull into the new hospital entrance. Browse related items

Dean Randy Batson and Amos Christie Discuss Plans for the West Court Project, ca. 1963

Dr. Christie was chairman of the Department of Pediatrics from 1943-1968, and Randy Batson (dean 1963-1972) would become the first Vice Chancellor for Health Affairs (1971-1974). Browse related items

Round Wing, ca. 1965

The West and Round Wings of Vanderbilt Hospital were completed in 1962, and the West Court (at the right edge of the photo) in 1964. Browse related items

Entrance to Vanderbilt Hospital, circa 1945

Automobiles are parked on 21st Ave. in front of Vanderbilt Hospital Browse related items

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