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Unidentified Man, Perhaps Associated with Vanderbilt Medical School

This unidentified image was commingled with images from the Vanderbilt medical class of 1892. Browse related items

Jane Kerstetter and Lois Hampton

Jane Kerstetter (Nutribird) and Lois Hampton during nutrition week Browse related items

Nona Thompson Receiving Employee of the Year Award, 1974

Nona Thompson began working in the Vanderbilt cafeteria in 1946, and she later became a dietitian assistant in the pediatric division. Browse related items

Dedication of Tennessee Neuropsychiatric Institute - March 19, 1971

From left to right, Dr. Daniel H. Efron; Dr. Allan D. Bass; Governor Winfield Dunn; Dr. Bertram S. Brown; Dr. Fridolin Sulser; Dr. Morris A. Lipton; Commissioner Frank H. Luton; Dr. Alexander Heard (Chancellor of Vanderbilt University) Browse related items

Dean Conway-Welch with VUSN scholarship recipients at the Julia Hereford Society Reception, April 2012

Dean Conway-Welch with VUSN scholarship recipients at the Julia Hereford Soceity Reception April 2012 Browse related items

Sue Morgan

Sue Morgan, VUSN Alumni Association Board President, 2010-2011 Browse related items

Betsy Perky and Becky Keck

Betsy Perky, VUSN Alumni Association President, and Becky Keck, Senior Associate Dean of Administration, at graduation 2010. Browse related items

VUSN Volunteer Day 2010

VUSN alumni Traci Boswell, Amy Morse, Betsy Perky, and Whitney Wormer participate in Volunteer Day 2010. Browse related items

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