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"A Group of Soldierly Looking Officers"

A snapshot of doctors from Hospital Unit S, in front of Camp Hospital 28 in Nevers, France. Unit S was known as "the Vanderbilt Unit." Browse related items

Nurses with the Vanderbilt Unit During World War I

The nursing staff of Hospital Unit S was made up of nurses from across Nashville, and here they pose in front of Camp Hospital 28 in Nevers, France. Catherine Sinnot of St. Thomas Hospital was head nurse for the unit.

US Army Signal Corps photo… Browse related items

Vanderbilt Unit, World War I - Officers and Enlisted Men

Group photograph of officers and enlisted men of Hospital Unit S, known as the Vanderbilt Unit, during World War I. Browse related items

Kirkland Hall, ca. 1918

This undated image of Vanderbilt's Kirkland Hall is from a small, anonymous collection of glass-plate negatives related to a World War I medical officer. This is the only image in the collection with a connection to Vanderbilt. The officer may have… Browse related items

Ward III Camp Hospital 28, Nevers, France. Mims Wilkerson "in charge."

The pneumonia and influenza ward of Hospital 28 decorated for Christmas. There is some confusion whether this is Ward I (as noted in the official Signal Corps records) or Ward III (as indicated on the back of this print).

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Convalescent ward ward IX Camp Hospital 28, Nevers, France

Convalescent ward decorated for Christmas.

US Army Signal Corps photo 45873. Browse related items

Laundry, Camp Hospital 28, Nevers France

Two women working in the laundry of Hospital 28.

US Army Signal Corps photo 45868. Browse related items

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