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  • Collection: Historic Images of VUMC

Laminar Flow Room
View from outside the LFR in the new Vanderbilt Hospital.

Vanderbilt Hospital Interior Construction, January 1980
A man in a hardhat, identified as Art Shultz, talks on a telephone in an unfinished hospital corridor.

Vanderbilt Hospital Construction Site, January 1980
A view of McTyeire Hall and the University Club from the foundations of the new hospital.

New Hospital Construction Interior, January 1980
Light bulbs dangle from the ceiling during the construction of hospital rooms.

History of VUMC Exhibit
This exhibit was located in the new hospital when it opened in 1980.

Unidentified Men in a Laboratory Room
A photograph of two unidentified men, at least one likely a physcian, in a VUMC laboratory.

VU Hospital Courtyard, circa 1982
A visitor poses with flowers in the courtyard of the new VU Hospital.
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