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Vanderbilt Hospital Construction, circa 1977

Nearly the entire construction site for the new hospital can be seen from this aerial view. Light Hal, Langford Auditorium, and the Round Wing can be seen in the background. Browse related items

Groundbreaking Ceremony for Langford Auditorium

Vice-Chancellor Wilson presents his remarks at the Langford Auditorium groundbreaking. Browse related items

Langford Auditorium Groundbreaking Ceremony, October, 1976

Vice-Chancellor Wilson and others dig the first shovelfuls of earth for Langford Auditorium. Browse related items

Light Hall Construction, ca. 1976

A view of the early stages of the construction of Light Hall, with the VA in the background. The parking lot in the foreground is the present location of Vanderbilt Hospital. Browse related items

VUMC Parking Lot and Garland Avenue, ca. 1975

Before the construction of the Eskind Library in 1994, Garland Ave. connected 24th and 21st avenues, and the street was several lanes further to the east. Here, a traffic cop stops cars, allowing a pedestrian to cross Garland. Browse related items

Chapman Quadrangle in the Snow, circa 1975

The Chapman Quadrangle (named after medical school dean John Chapman) was formed by the addition of the Learned Lab building in 1952. This undated image (probably from the 1970s) shows the grass and trees with a light layer of snow. Browse related items

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Architectural Rendering of Werthan Building

The new Werthan Building replaced the original entrance to Vanderbilt Hospital, and was completed in 1970. Browse related items

The Joe and Howard Werthan Building, ca. 1970

In 1970, the Werthan Building was completed, replacing the iconic entrance to the Vanderbilt Hospital. Browse related items

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